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Number 10, again...

While I was away during my trip to Seferihisar, Mum called me on my last evening telling me 'I've sent you an email, did you see it?' I said 'no', and asked her what it was about, when she said 'just look at it and let me know what you think', I knew she was up to no good...
It was a adoption ad on Facebook... Of this little black fur ball. Who was in ?zmir, 1 hour away from were I was but 3 hours from our home so I could pick her up on my return back home... I resisted for quite a while but Mum is a stubborn goat  *sigh* and she wanted her so badly as she looks like Elsie, her favorite doggie ever who we lost 3 years ago. FYI we adopted Olivia with the same excuse...

I called them but they did not want to release her without her being neutered first so I would have to go back 1 week later or so. This was on Sunday evening.

Monday afternoon, I just had driven 4 hours and was back home for just half an hour they called me back telling me I could pick her up anyway... aaarrgggggg

I rested on Tuesday and we went to pick her up on Wednesday, a total of 6 hours driving, I'm an angelic daughter which my mother will never admit. While the shelter was in surprising good shape...

The doggie was in a very bad shape, her fur was all matted and parts were gone leaving bald spots. She also smelt horribly and her eyes were all droopy and dirty.

Of course this does make it up for the long journey as black dogs (and cats) are already much less likely to be adopted, this sad girl didn't have much of a chance.

I groomed and washed her right after arrival and after that she wouldn't leave my side, she also wanted to meet the rest of the pack right away and she adjusted in a matter of hours.

We do not know her exact story and for now we are just letting her recouping, there were vets at the shelter but we will be taking her to our vet soon. Her legs are very thin with barely any muscle, I suspect she was in a cage for a while and the lack of walking didn't do her good. They all have a story non are very happy but we do our best to fix that :)

We called her Betty Boo -Boo :)

Friday, 13 July 2018


Yesterday we had to say goodbye to sweet Zeyno, our biggest dog and one that has been with us for fourteen years. It was her time and she has had a very good life. She has been loved and pampered.

She never was the sharpest knife in the drawer, but a big, good hearted dingus that let all the other dogs use her as a mattress  and boss her around. We haven't known an other dog as patient, innocent and with good intentions as she.

Zeyno, thank you so much for all the love and the smiles and the warmth you gave us all these years, you will be missed.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

แจกเครดิตทดลองเล่นฟรี ไม่ต้องฝาก

Goodbye Leo

This week we had to let go of Leo, son of Daisy and brother of Ufo, whom both passed away a few years ago. Leo's health was getting worse, he was practically blind and completely deaf but worse was he had hardly any strength in his legs, which was both awful for him to feel and us to see. Leo was born in our house as we had found his mother (unknowingly) pregnant. He was never a happy doggy, somehow even though he never had it tough and his name was Leo and his color sunny he never saw things on the bright side. But he we still loved him and he will be missed...

Thursday, 5 May 2016

A Little Wild Trip

Today we went to the Animal hospital, a mountain drive of about half an hour, for our Zeyno. We discovered some large lumps and as we have had these kind of shocks a lot lately we did not waste any time and went straight away for her to be operated. It looks like she has the same cancer as Simon ( who is doing well) but we'll know more when the pathology test results are back. She is a big 12 year old dog, but we love all our doggies and like to keep them around healthy and happy :)

While waiting for the operation we discovered a fox pup in one of the recovery cages, oh so very adorable and pretty and very small. She will go to a wild life park once she has been vaccinated and has stayed there for quarantine for a while. I never have seen a fox so close, let alone a pup so I took some pictures for this beauty.

The operation went well, 4 lumps are removed and we'll know what is going on in a few days.
On our way back we stopped by an abandoned greenhouse, literally exploding with greenness, so magical.

I often love pictures of abandoned places, the way nature takes back the place and slowly makes it green and pretty has something satisfying, the ability of nature to heal is amazing (of course it can heal to a certain extent).

We must have passed it dozens of times, in a fast going car you do not see everything, but this time I realized that the greenhouse was a little too green and we made a mental note to stop on our way back for pictures.

Girmek Yasakt?r - Forbidden to Enter, not that you can actually enter, I did break that rule by poking my head and camera inside :)

Funny enough just when I was about to write this blog post I came across this image on BoredPanda, it seemed to meant to be featured here considering the combo of the fox and the greenness that she could have been in that greenhouse :)

Here some 'forbidden' peeks inside.

Zeyno is doing well, lying on her favorite couch with a comfort blanket and her appetite already back to normal, and her tail waggling like nothing has happened, animals are so strong!

Thursday, 8 October 2015

October Revamps

I wanted an excuse to post my pretty 'October' picture on the blog, I shared it on instagram but thought it would be fun to share it here too :)
As for the revamps, there are a few projects that I hope to be done this month, already the first week is gone so 3 weeks left to finish!

First project is pretty big and in the planning for a while, only problem is cash and time but before winter starts I really want this to be finished. We have two sheds in the garden, in one we have our washing machine, dryer and warm water boiler. As our bathroom is a little too small for all these, which by the way also needs a little revamp but I think that one will be for November. The second has all the garden tools. Both their doors are completely rotten, and have to change. Prices of new doors are surprisingly high and I have been asking at several places to find a good deal.
Also the path going to the shed gets flooded with rain and after the sprinklers have worked so I am planning to make a stone path so that we can keep our feet dry while doing the laundry.

The second revamp project is another furniture piece. This one is taking much longer than anticipated. First of all it was in a worse state than our previous projects, secondly the carvings makes it hard to sand. It also needed some reinforcements on the frame and it had a lot of staples from it previous 3 upholstery jobs which I have cleaned up. I did discover today that two of our previous furniture projects got featured on the blog BetterAfter which is full with before / after projects, fun to look at and the author, Lindsey, has a fun sense of humor so it is nice to read too.

Right now I am actually busy with make overs of our doggie pack. They all were trimmed a few months ago but got all very hairy again and need a clean up before the weather cools down. Some are not very fond of the trimming sessions, and the thorough baths after wards. Toffie here loves the undivided attention and enjoyed it very much. They all do love the results as they each leave enough hair to fill a pillow. p.s. I was wearing shorts, and am not naked in this picture lol :)

Saturday, 26 September 2015

A Sad Goodbye

Our dear sweet Elsie passed away yesterday. It was not a surprise, she had been ill for almost a year and we have been preparing ourselves mentally for months but still it is a hard blow to the heart.
Elsie was like no other dog we have ever had, she had the attitude of a Royalty even though she was small and thin she was the Queen of the house. Incredibly smart and very moving her being very proud but she also hated to be alone (meaning without my mother).

Elsie and my mother were inseparable from the first day we found her in 2005. Elsie was incredibly thin, dehydrated, full of ticks and had a bad healed rib (most likely of someone who kicked her). The night we found her was also the night that I had to fly to Holland so her first 2 weeks I was not there, and when I came home the two had bonded like they knew each other for years.
Elsie never forgot her bad times, and never liked being held on a lap, she always wanted to be stroked with all feet on the ground to have control over the situation. But she would always follow my mother to each room she would enter and kept her eyes always open to watch, unlike our other dogs who usual always sleep.
Her entire behaviors and character made her a true one of a kind and she will be missed so very very much, I don't think my mum's broken heart will ever heal entirely without her.

The last few months she lost a lot of weight and lost most of her hair too, we tried every medicine available all over the world but unfortunately nothing was enough. Her always watchful eyes looked at us while she passed away, and they never closed, just like when she was alive she wanted to keep her eyes open...
She is now in the mountains next to Daisy who was her best friend.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Dinner Time!

Some people might be wondering how life is with 11 dogs (it used to be 15). It is with lots of hugs, belly rubs and fur, they are like a bunch of little kids whom are total love junkies and we love it :)
We feed them twice a day and they always wait full of anticipation and as patient as possible although some make some impatient whining noises while the plates are prepared.

Look how cute they wait :)

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Little Red Riding Hood

Today you will witness Mimi's make over to Little Red Riding Hood...

First step was trimming all her hair off, as it got all tangled up, she is a wild girl and wild girls don't brush their hair, to be honest I don't brush my hair very often either :)

Mum had been busy for hours with her costume, inside a red gingham lining, outside a super soft velvet fabric. With an adorable vintage trim as finishing touch.

And here she is, our adorable, very own miss Little Red Riding Hood!

Not to forget some flowers in a basket for grandma.

Mimi just trimmed and not entirely used yet of all the fresh air was very comfortable in it.

And of course the wolf has to get in the picture, funny enough our wolf (Tommy) loves nibbling our Little red riding hood (Mimi) on a daily bases! I have to give him credit as I find her quiet delicious myself, she is like a caramel cookie :)

If you would like to have your own little red riding hood, I will be listing this a little later today in our clothing shop, where we also have skirts for humans with little red riding hood scenes.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Goodbye Daisy

Today our sweet crazy Daisy passed away. She was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, at the same time as Lily who passed away a few months ago. It is heart breaking that they have such a short life, luckily we have many doggies but the thought of loosing them is really hard for us.

Daisy was always a lonely wolf, not much contact with the other's and had a nick for finding strange places to nap, like closets, chair legs and corners, sometimes resulting for us to search her everywhere as she hid herself so well and did not come out when we called for her, she had a mind of her own but was very sweet and always smelt deliciously like vanilla.

The last picture was taken just two days ago, the last week she did not eat and slept most of the time her time had really come, Ideefix visited her on the couch for companionship and warmth.
Daisy, you will be missed...

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Goodbye Sweet Lili

Today we lost our sweet Lili. She was diagnosed with cancer in May and had her ups and downs, but the end was still unexpectedly fast.

She was the sweetest little girl and will be terribly missed by us. The past week she wasn't doing good and had a hard time breathing, we tried everything but nothing helped, she also barely ate and she lost a lot of weight the past week. Today we decided to put her to sleep to end her pain  just when I put her in the car to drive her to the vet her last breath left her right in my arms I kissed her until her heart stopped beating. She left by herself without a sound and luckily quick and painless.
She now is in the green mountain near our house finally resting after her struggle.

Her sister Mimi has not made any clear reaction to her absence yet, but they were always together so we are not sure yet how she will react.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Doggies update

Last week we were again in Aydin, at the Veterinary Faculty with our two girls, Lily and Daisy.
Again there were dromedaries there to be treated. They had artfully hand knotted muzzles on.

These two were not as lucky as the one we saw before. That one was well loved and used just to tour tourists around.
These two were fighting dromedaries. Dromedaries fights and cock fights are popular here. You can see pictures here.

It is not pretty, but it is of course nothing compared to the Spanish bull fights, which is in my opinion the worse, most sadistic and barbarian form of animal abuse there is.

Our girls had both an operation to remove mammary tumors a month ago. The pathology results of both of them are bad, both girls have cancer and we are pretty devastated.

Lily here was limping last week and has something under her arm that may be a metastasis or an aftermath of last months operation, after a 5 day antibiotic treatment she is doing much better but only time will tell if she'll be alright for the long run.
Daisy had a second operation to remove all tits and lymph's at the right side, last month  those at the left side were removed.
The vet wants them on chemotherapy, but this we refused. We have ordered some herbal medicine from the USA that is supposed to boost the immune system by dogs with cancer, and for the rest, we will pamper them with lots of love and yummy treats and keep them comfortable, but we don't want them to go through the rigors of chemo.

Poor Daisy is being a trooper, wearing the collar for weeks now.
We have made her very nifty onesies to keep her wound from contact with the floor. In this heat we have to do everything to avoid infection.