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The Ugly Ducklings

These ugly black/brown water stained chairs took many weeks of hard work and TLC.

 After peeling off old filling, upholstery and hay.

It was time to peel off the ugly layers of brown and black paint, which took ages.

I then spent several days painting them and varnishing to protect the paintwork.

The original upholstery was done in 3 parts, and we have done a chair like that in the past but this time we made the filling one piece as we had scored the perfect embroideries to cover the entire back with one piece.

Still rough at the edges but getting there!

All fabric needs to be cut close by the staples with much care.

 And then the staples are covered with a pretty band.

After all the hard work we loooooooove the results these chairs really turned in to pretty peacocks :)

They make me smile every time I look at them :)

As the embroideries are vintage and handmade they have variations.

You can buy one, but I hope someone will keep them together.

They are available at StarHomeStudio, among our other unique furniture pieces.

Friday, 5 October 2018

Get the Look Vol.12

If you like astronomy, like me, this print above is a great inexpensive print to adorn your home. My moon version is hand painted on wood with chrome hooks to make it hand as well as one o a kind.

There is a lot going on in this bedroom, and I love it all. From the colorful tapestries and cushions to the fluffy poufs. But we have a lot of colorful bohemian home products as well.
Like this big pouf with vintage tapestry and embroidery.

Colorful knitted wool cushions.

And big pouf cushions with fluffy embroidery and pompoms.

Pitch forks might be a weird decor idea but when they are handmade and very old they are very cool.
We have an instant collection available in our shop.

Handy to have a place to sit without ruining your just made bed, but it also just looks very pretty.
Our long kilim ottoman bench is a bit more colorful.

You got to love the Scandinavian timeless style, it never gets out of fashion.
Our little lamp is a mid century one, unlike the one above which is brand new.

Monday, 24 September 2018

From Trash to Treasure

This ugly coffee table has been waiting for a make over for over 2 years.

Its previous owner tried to 'fix it', which only made it worse.

The glass was all scratched up and the middle shelf was damaged so I took those off. My initial plan was to cover the top with all kind of found boat wood and driftwood to create a surface like a sold coffee table I made. And then adding driftwood branches to fill up those gaps in the legs and to strengthen it but it never really clicked so the table kind of hung around for all this time.

And then I decided to just make an ottoman of it and forget about its original purpose.
I cut off the legs to get rid of the ugly gaps and nails and to shorten it as foam will make it higher again.

I also cut of the sides to make it ready for upholstering.

I wanted to sand the feet as they were actually beautiful wood under that ugly brown but they were so badly painted that I just couldn't get it all off and had to paint them. So I want for something a bit crazy to make it different.

With fabric under and plywood on top, then foam, batting and a beige fabric it was ready for its pretty Kilim I found among our Kilim stash.

Tadaaaa! I used a foam thickness that would make the Kilim the exact correct size, without any cutting beside the corners.

So happy that I went with my instincts and made an Ottoman out of it.

It is very long 42'' (106 cm) so perfect for in front of the couch, or at the foot end of your bed or in the hallway to take off your shoes :)

I used brass bead caps and nails for a prettier finishing touch.

This Ottoman / Bench is available at StarHomeStudio among other one of a kind furniture pieces.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Get The Look Vol.11

I think part of the plant fun are the pots they are in. Love a nice group of plants. And if you'd like a big pot the one below is from our shop a real old beauty.

I'm not a fan of hunting, but back in the day when there were no supermarkets it was a necessity and the bow and arrow was one of the tools used for hunting. I do love the various shapes they come in. Ours is very primitive and entirely hand carved.

I love dainty modern metal furniture, the of west elm are cool, and ours is maybe even cooler :)

A cabinet of curiosities is not everyone's cup of tea, but I do love prettily arranged (cruelty free) bookshelves with some natural biology in the mix. Our tortoise shell is naturally found in the mountains, we hardly have squirrels but we have tons of tortoises rooming around the forests here.