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In the Mountains

The other day I went with some friends to another friend who recently moved to another town, a 1 hour drive from ours.

We brought some flowers for their new home and after a lovely brunch we went in to the mountains.

Because this town has no seashore and a much higher altitude the weather is cooler. But when we went in to the mountains we almost froze as it was very cold and we were totally not prepared for it!

We all did manage to take some photos between freezing, luckily our friends car had heated seats as we almost froze off our bums :D

Near the lake was chilling cold, and it has a very weird texture around it.

It seems that when the water became less it left an interesting texture behind.

We got higher and higher and it got colder and colder, and it turned out that we were not cold for nothing as we actually found ice! While our town was still 24 C (75F).

The landscape was rougher and interesting trees started to pop up the higher we went.

While it all looks lovely from the screen we were happy to go back to warmer places, next time we'll take our Winter gear with us :D

Friday, 25 August 2017

Newly Listed: Sterling Silver Abalone Ring

Sterling Silver Abalone Ring Seashell Ring US size 8 Peacock Colors by StaroftheEast
Photography, Nature Picture, Landscape Photography, Lake, Trees, Forest Enchantment by ara133photography
Lake House Wall Decor, Aqua Photography, Teal Picture, Water Photograph, Large Art Print, Ocean Photo by PureNaturePhotos
Blue Dreams, Water, Lake, Fine Art Photography, Abstract Art Photo, Tree, Branches by polychromatophil

Friday, 26 May 2017

From the Coast to Yuba City

The last few days we have been keeping it a bit calmer, making shorter distances and in general doing less. We have been so busy with seeing as much as possible and visiting a million thrift stores that we really needed to take a break before we are heading back home.

We only went a little more north up the coast and then west in lands.

We drove through many beautiful roads, sometimes the trees are so dense that the road is dark. We went through tiny towns with just a few hundred people, farms, ranches, forest and mountains, the landscape constantly changes.

I marked the places where we spent a night, today we are at Yuba City and tomorrow Nevada City, after that we will be going North back to San Francisco as we are flying back home from there.

We stayed a few days near the lake which was peaceful.

And today we did a last thrift store marathon, getting all our treasures home will be a challenge, my globe collection has about doubled during this trip, it has been crazy :)

Some towns are very calm, life is slower.

These old cars were just there, clearly been there for a long time, in the middle of the city, strange but nice.

We'll be flying home Sunday morning local time, and will arrive home Monday evening local time there, oh boy :)

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Newly Listed: Landscape Agate Necklace

I love the look of this natural stone necklace, it reminds me of moss, lichen, mountains and lakes, which these photographies represents perfectly:

Macro Photograph of Moss, Woodland Wall Art Fine Art Photography Print by SuzanneHarfordPhoto
WOODS, LAKE, FOG, mist, green, zen, nature photography print by greyskyphotography
Lichen Moss and Ice on Rock Pale Photograph Closeup Nature Textures by BaileyAroPhotography

Friday, 29 March 2013

Spring is Here

Today the sun was shining, the weather perfect, daisies are popping up everywhere and birds are singing: Spring is here. We took advantage of this wonderful weather right away and had a lovely breakfast near a lake.

We had the place for ourselves, the advantage of self employment is that we do not need to wait for the weekend to arrive to have a little escape, during the weekends these kind of places are often full with families.

Home made bread and jams, freshly squeezed orange juice and other yummy things.

With a nicely filled belly we went to the shore, found some shells, got some sun and fresh air and restocked some inspiration from nature, ready to get back to work :)

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The other country

This is not the sea shore. It is the shore of the lake of K?yce?iz, a big lake connected by a strait with the sea.

It is an hour drive from our home, and once in a while we go there to have dinner. The charm of the place is that it is totally devoid of tourists, just the locals around. It has a sleepy, relaxing feeling, added by the fact that instead of tables and chairs, sofas have been aligned to form what looks like living rooms, cozy and inviting to lounge by the sunset.

P.S. this is a small elaboration on the last post (Bundle of joy):

Although people who know us better can imagine the spirit in which it was written, we got an anonymous comment accusing us of cruelty, and I feel that I may have offended some.

No cruelty was intended, certainly not by the mother. Traditions are inspired by necessity. Do you know that the agriculture in Turkey is mostly very primitive, and that is mainly done by women? Young mothers bring their babies with them to the fields, tied to their backs in those cribs, what are than hung from a tree, while the mother works. For the mother, keeping her baby immobile is keeping hem safe. And do you know that thousands of villages in Turkey don’t have any form of running water, what has to be brought, again by women, in jerry cans, often from a great distance? As has to be done with wood to heat the water? Diapers are not to be taken for granted.

In this spirit, of taking in consideration the ‘other-ness’ of the country, and, yes, seeing the humor in it, was that post written.