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We are finally having some hints of Fall, with some rain, cooler nights and leaves changing colors.

After our extremely long and extremely hot Summers we love this time of the year.

Still warm enough to wear t shirts during the day but cold enough to go under a blanket at night, perfect!

Mum's knitting project matches in color, not sure yet what this complicated looking thing is going to be.

But those red leaves are just small patches, we just started Fall and Winter will be here in December, before we know it Summer will begin again.

Flowers are still blooming and butterflies are still buzzing around, unfortunately mosquitoes as well arrrggg.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Spring Vibes

We had fantastic weather this weekend so we took advantage of it this Sunday and went to our favorite brunch place where we haven't been for ages as it was raining the past few weekends.

Weather has been so warm lately that the mountains are full with daisies, poppies and other wild flowers. Everything is freshly green and the turtles have been coming out of their winter sleep.

I also took the time to take some pictures.

Besides tourism our town and surrounding villages income is mostly honey and fish.

This couple were busy with the hives, couldn't go too close as I'm allergic to bees, but you can see the bees flying around and please notice that the guy has no gloves on :/

Here they were searching for water with kind of an antique looking machine.

And what is Sunday without the beach?

All the fruit trees in bloom.

And even the village's cemetery was floral.

Monday, 13 March 2017

After a Winter Sleep

As soon as the weather gets warmer the mountains become greener, poppies and daisies appear and the turtles wake up from their Winter sleep and you see them everywhere.

Our house is at the end of a dead end street, no traffic and in front of our door is our garage which is open but only our car gets there so it is private and calm. We often get turtles in Summer there, I'm guessing that as it is at the end of the street they plan to go down the mountain in search for water but instead end up at our front door.
I always give them food and water. For the past week we had one right near our door, which is kind of unique as normally they eat and go, but she stayed for a week, most likely as it rained for 4 of those days so she was hiding in her little house.

Today a second one arrived, clearly younger as it is smaller but also the shield shinier and not roughed up yet :)

One plus one makes two :)

And a love story began... 3 makes a crowd so I left them in peace and gave them their privacy. A few hours later both were gone (without a goodbye *sniff*), I guess she was waiting for her prince charming :)

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Bliss and Blessings

When the weather allows we always go out for a nice Sunday Brunch on Sunday with a friend. It is kind of a ritual for quite some time.
The places we go to eat are a bit out of town, closer to nature.

With birds staring at us while we are eating :)

Lush greens and forests are the way to the beaches which are of course our destination.

We enjoy the sun, fresh air and calmness but always do some exercise by bending a whole bunch of times to collect treasures.

We had the beach to ourselves this Sunday.

Better yet we found an incredible amount of small green urchins, yaaay! We had our green sea urchin earrings not in stock for about 2,5 years as we did not have the right urchins and mother nature was not giving any. Now we can finally remake them, this is really rare to find so many and especially in this size :)

Monday, 12 December 2016

Sunny Sunday

Yesterday we kind of had a perfect day. After several weeks of Christmas season business and mum hurting herself with a nasty fall in the garden a few weeks ago and damaging a few ribs very badly in the process, we haven't gone to the beach in weeks and really needed some fresh air and a break.

The weather was amazing, sunny and warm, in the middle of December, we are really lucky, we know :) Also we had the entire beach for our selves, such luxury!

The sea was clear and calm, the sand had pretty motives.

Everything shiny and fresh.

And picturesque still-lives to boot.

Olive was enjoying it too, running around, always a joy to watch a happy doggy :)

A little sweet water stream.

Today we woke up to a dark clouded sky and it has been raining all day, the rain is very welcome but I'm happy that it waited a day :)

We of course went home with some lovely shells and driftwood :)